Andromeda - the girl who smoked soap

Andrômeda - a menina que fumava sabão

Carlosmagno Rodrigues
15:00 min | Brazil | 2009 | Experimental


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I can´t change anybody, and even if I could, I would fight to keep the free-will of people who I love.


direction Carlosmagno Rodrigues
production Ricardo Alves Junior, Cristiane Ventura
edition Carlosmagno Rodrigues, Ricardo Alves Junior
screenplay Cristiane Ventura, Hélio Zolini, Carlosmagno Rodrigues
sound track Gilberto Mauro, Cecília Bizzotto
cast Cecília Bizzotto, Cristiane Ventura, Igor Amin, Hélio Zolini, Geanfranco (Chiso), Bruno Ivas

About the director

Carlosmagno Rodrigues

Born in Brazil, 1972, Carlosmagno Rodrigues has a degree in Animated Films and Fine Arts. He develops works in video and has participated in several shows and festivals in Brazil and abroad. He is an art professor/consultant for the Implementation Program of Indian Schools in the State of Minas Gerais, as well as art teacher at municipal schools in Betim, in the same state. Filmography: 2007| Sebastião, O Homem Que Bebia Querosene. 2006| IGRREV- Igreja Revolucionária Dos Corações Amargurados; Anticristo - Um Vídeo Sobre Minha Morte; Diante Do Abismo Dos Seus Olhos. 2005| Antoniod. 2003| Todo Punk é Católico; Imprescindíveis. 2001| Targa-Stalker. 1997| Para Quem Enxerga e Não Entende Bem As Palavras.

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29/05/2010 15:03:21

parabéns e obrigada por fazer este vídeo.

cláudio santos

30/04/2010 00:21:02

impressionante!!! parabéns carlos e equipe...